Antw: [Grief] TG NOW, when???

Louisa Bannon triskela at
Sun Aug 22 19:05:52 EDT 2004


I don't know where the original poster is located (missed that message I 
guess), but in the states I bought mine at:

It ended up being something like $21-22 USD (I think) with shipping. Even to 
Europe the exchange rate should be advantageous, and they are obviously 
still listing it as available.

I was very pleased with this release, it is full length - clocking in at 
approx. 45 minutes. I definitely recommend it. It's pretty amazing overall.

- Triskela

>From: RWKolk at
>Well considering there were only about a 1000 copies, you are to late I am
>afraid. Don't worry though. In a couple of months  they will turn up on 
>GEMM or
>Ebay for a "reasonable" price...........

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