[Grief] yes, yes, more important matters!

Louisa Bannon triskela at hotmail.com
Sun Aug 22 19:42:35 EDT 2004


I'm not obsessed with this issue or anything, but you should really try to 
buy this first. Well, unless there really is proof it is unavailable. Then 
I'd probably feel differently about it. I realize it's supposed to be a 
limited edition, but I also think that's a stupid idea when it comes to 
music. I Mean, I did already rip it to my music server as MP3s, so there's 
at least one more copy out there than there was before...!

I think my main point here is that TG is not exactly in the stadium rocker 
category and we should try to support them in the way they have chosen to be 
supported. I don't know this of a fact, but Mute Bank seems fairly small 

- Triskela

>From: "Livewire Confusion" <livewireconfusion at hotmail.com>
>Yes, I agree we do need to get on to more important topics.
>Such as, who's gonna burn me a copy of TGNOW?
>This is a very important matter!

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